In a recent article written by Jody Gilbert and posted on the TechRepublic website, you will find a valuable listing of some common Cloud-related terms and their meanings.

We assume that the technology of Cloud computing has either already been a topic of discussion or else soon will be for our business continuity and risk management team members.  For each of our readers’ organizations, this topic of cloud computing and cybersecurity will most likely mean something unique to each company, and, to that point, we believe that the list organized by Jody Gilbert represents a fairly good starting point and rundown of Cloud computing terms that everyone is most likely to come across.

For some business continuity planning professionals, such a  terminology list may already be part of the compliance technology component written into their compliance plan(s) or compliance report(s).

Please take advantage of this list and share with us if you think the list is lacking in any terminology that should be added or if you believe there is a better way to get this kind of information out to those individuals in your organization that may already be in need of this information.

CLICK HERE to read the full article on this topic.

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