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Recently, the discovery of secret software running on most smartphone handsets in the U.S. was revealed and while this software gathers and logs every physical button pressed, phone number dialed, the full text of text messages, and even search data over https connections, which are supposed to be encrypted, it is still unclear whether, when, or to whom this logged data is transmitted, or where it is stored, and, who has access to this information.

These series of events and findings most certainly present a potential threat to not only individuals, but also to all information security and privacy rights protection team activities conducted for the benefit of our families, our communities, our government and where we work.

Our staff has organized the following list of links to articles and videos related to this ongoing and developing privacy rights issue;

Inside Carrier IQ-gate” by Mike Egan,

Carrier IQ Software Risk Expose Video” by Trevor Eckhart,

Carrier IQ’s Own Marketing Claims Undercut Its Defense” by Jaikumar Vijayan

FAQ: Behind the Carrier IQ Rootkit Controversy” by Jaikuman Vijayan

Schneier on Security” by Bruce Schneier

Carrier IQ is Misunderstood, Not Evil” by Lance Ulanoff

Carrier IQ: Spyware or Handy Tool?  What You Need to Know” by 

If applicable, please pass this information along to those risk management and mobile device security team members in your organization as well as bringing this information to the attention of your disaster preparedness teams in your region and local communities.

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