Judging from several comments recently received from our readers asking for information about the current BYOD trend, and given the fact that there seems to be little doubt that individuals are increasingly tapping into consumer devices (i.e. smartphones, iPads, tablet computers, etc.) and services to support their business roles and boost productivity in unexpected ways —a strong argument can be made that this BYOD trend could be a game-changer in the future for all companies to ignore at their own peril.

According to the Financial Times, the size of the smartphone market has surpassed the PC market, and, the increasing use of mobile devices in the enterprise has captured the attention of IT managers around the globe.

That said, users and organizations need to fully understand more of the issues and challenges surrounding BYOD before jumping onto the BYOD bandwagon.

These issues include security risks from data leakage; financial risks from device cost or support/network contracts; and, compromised compliance/certifications from using sensitive services (location services, GPS etc.) without the required policies, controls and procedures in place.

To prepare for the ongoing debates over the added value of imbedding a BYOD approach in your own organizations, our staff has organized the following listing of relevant recent postings on this issue in the links below to be read and passed on to other risk management team members:

BYOD FAQ: Answers to IT’s Burning Questions about BYOD by Margaret Jones

Key BYOD Issues to Prepare for: Gartner by Stephen Kleynhaus (Excerpts from a Gartner presentation)

BYOD Policy Basics: Defining and Enforcing a Successful Policy by Dan Sullivan

How to Create a BYOD Policy by Craig J. Mathias

Mobile Device Management software: Why It’s Important and What It Should Include by Dan Sullivan

The Pros and Cons of Exchange vs. MDM for Mobile Management by Brien M. Posey

How to Configure ActiveSync and Manage Mobile Devices in Exchange 2007 by Brien M. Posey

BYOD: If You Think You Are Saving Money, Think Again by Tom Kaneshige

BYOD: Time to Adjust Your Privacy Expectations by Tom Kaneshige

BYOD’s Phone Number Problem  by Tom Kaneshige

If applicable, please pass this information along to others wishing to learn more about this growing risk mitigation topic.

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