While most of us recognize and in fact believe that a company’s most precious assets are its employees, it is somewhat surprising to see in many postings on the Internet, that when a company is faced with an unexpected disruptive event, that company often is found to be unprepared for the resulting impact of that event on the workforce.

That is one of the reasons that our website and the company Personal Recovery Concepts have recently struck a partnership with the sole purpose to bring our readership’s attention to the strong linkage that exists between organizational readiness and personal preparedness.

Others have found this personal side of business continuity as a critical component when addressing the human capital management issues during a crisis. 

Our staff believes that a recent whitepaper posted on the IBM Global Business Services website, and written by Eric Lesser, Russell Lindburg and Tim Ringo is well worth reading.  CLICK HERE to read the full report.

If you found this report valuable reading, please pass it along to the business continuity, disaster preparedness, or risk management team member in your organization.

If your organization is already addressing this personal preparedness aspect, please share your comments with our readership so as to encourage other organizations to do the same.

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