In the past, our staff has often referred our readers to articles and postings by Paul Kirvan, FBCI, CBCP, CISSP.  Many of his articles are posted on the website and today our staff would like to ask our readers to revisit what we believe to be a particularly useful article published by Mr. Kirvan about 11 months ago.  The article is entitled, “Business Continuity Testing Templates: A Free Download and Guide”. 

We are certain that all of our readers agree that business continuity and disaster recovery plans are useless until you test them. And, while many types of tests are possible, the key to business continuity testing success is to incorporate testing those plans as a part of the overall business continuity management and disaster recovery management process.  We think that having a resource for helping you establish your own organization’s BC tests as soon as possible will also help you achieve that objective faster, better and with less expenditure by your organization. 

Be sure to view and download the free business continuity and disaster recovery testing template offered by Mr. Kirvan and pass that information along to those risk management team members in your organization to be included as content for their reference libraries.

 The BC testing template includes the following areas of focus in its table of contents:

  1. An introduction to business continuity testing
  2. Using our business continuity testing template
  3. Business continuity testing terms
  4. Effective business continuity/disaster recovery testing strategies. 

To read the full article and access the free download, CLICK HERE

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