One of the primary inputs to a business continuity and/or risk management planning process is the consideration of opinions, surveys and current industry reports regarding the listings of top business risks having the potential to affect their organizations.

For this reason our readership’s attention should consider the findings of Aon’s 2011 Global Risk Management Survey.  This web-based biennial report was released by Aon Risk Solutions, the global risk management business of Aon Corporation.

George Zsolnay, head of Aon Analytics in the U.S., stated, “The findings shared in our report underscore the undeniable interdependence among various risks as well as economics around the globe.  It is more important than ever for organizations to embrace an interprise-wide approach to managing risk, and optimize their strategy on a global basis.”

Quickly, a summary of the Aon 2011 Survey top business risks are as follows;

1.   Economic slowdown,

2.   Regulatory/Legislative changes,

3.   Increasing competition,

4.   Damage to reputation / brand,

5.   Business interruption,

6.   Failure to innovate / meet customer needs,

7.   Failure to attract or retain top talent,

8.   Commodity price risk,

9.   Technology failure / system failure

10. Cash flow / liquidity risk

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