Recently, some of our readers, who are working hard to become compliant with Business Continuity and PS-Prep related standards or frameworks, have asked for some suggestions and/or ideas to help them make these learning processes easier for their fellow employees. With such additional value-added learning tools, efforts to become compliant with business continuity management systems or PS-Prep related standards or frameworks could become a faster, better, and perhaps even less costly process.

In trying to answering that request, our staff made the decision to evaluate whether or not solving crossword puzzles might assist in that learning process. 

As a result of some preliminary discussions and testing of this  assumption, our staff found that solving crossword puzzles based on the words and terms utilized in BC and PS-Prep related standards and frameworks did in fact raise some levels of awareness about those standards and frameworks.  Therefore, a decision was made to take the next step and test that assumption and theory further.

Therefore, our staff asks some of our readers to help this process along by working on some puzzles, sharing some feedback on that experience, offering additional comments, critiques, suggestions to make the process better, or, perhaps, sharing how their organization may have addressed this issue in the past.

The first puzzles in the series uses words and terms from BC and PS-Prep related standards or frameworks such as BS25999, NFPA 1600, and ASIS SPC.1.  More reference frameworks and standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and ISO will be added to future puzzles if the program moves forward.

Hopefully,  business continuity planning and compliance training teams for PS-Prep related standards and frameworks will consider to add these puzzles as additional learning tools in their education and training processes and share those results with our readership.

The crossword puzzles are offered in two options:  (1) the puzzles can be printed and passed out to students to solve privately, or (2) students can solve the puzzles live on the internet in a more competitive environment where they can track the time it takes them to solve the puzzle and then compare those times with their fellow associates.  In either case the solutions to the puzzles are also available for printing or viewing on the internet.

The first crossword puzzle offering can be found on the home page of our website.  Other crossword puzzles can be found in the “Crossword Puzzle” section of our website, which is part of the Home Page Resources tab location or Click Here.  

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