As a follow-up to one of our past articles concerning the ongoing business continuity and risk management objectives for organizations and their employees and how they are affected by disasters or incidents (e.g. the recent Icelandic volcanic eruption and crisis), one of our readers suggested that we revisit the topic and try to keep the attention and focus of our readers over the need to mitigate this risk management issue facing many organizations today.

To satisfy that request, we would like to present a recent press release issued by the American Express that talks about and demonstrates the importance of having a continuous information exchange between corporate security, travel, finance and other departments combined with the creativity and persistence of experienced travel counselors and the individual who is facing the challenge of managing through unexpected situations.

We ask our readers to contribute their own ideas, comments and perhaps suggested alternative resources similar to the business continuity suite of products being offered by the American Express Business Travel group.  Also, if you have utilized this AMEX business continuity suite of services, please share your opinions and experiences with our business continuity community.

Click here to read the full press release.

If applicable, please pass this posting along to those business continuity and risk management team members in your organization.

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