This topic of improving business skills of business continuity professionals along with where today’s organizations may be  most vulnerable in the future  was addressed by Tom Field, editorial director of the Information Security Media Group, in a recent interview with Roberta Witty, a research VP at Gartner, and, who is part of the Compliance, Risk and Leadership group within Gartner with a primary area of focus of business continuity management and disaster recovery.  This interview was posted on the GovInfoSecurity website.

In this interview, Roberta Witty does a good job of listing the  many challenges facing business continuity managers today and clearly identifying those areas where organizations may be most vulnerable in the future.  To mitigate those future risks, Roberta Witty suggests an improvement action plan is needed for today’s BC professionals.   

Much of the information Ms. Witty shares is relevant to the similar challenges and typical agenda items discussed regularly by many business continuity management consultants and internal BC members of organizational risk management teams.

The GovInfoSecurity website is a favorite recommendation by this website, and this recent interview is just one of the examples of the many valuable resources that should be required reading/listening by all BC/DR professionals.

Click here to be able to receive a download MP3 file of Ms. Witty’s interview or to open and play a streaming audio file of that interview.

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