Nearly every member of an organization’s business continuity or disaster recovery team recognizes the cold hard truth that not every incident can or should be regarded as critical status. However, those same members also face constant challenges to develop and implement a methodology of setting priorities for incident reporting policies and procedures to support their business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

In an article written by Hank Marquis and posted in a past DITY Newsletter, many strategies and suggestions are offered to deal with the “we need it now” incidents and yet still be able to balance response your internal team’s resources to provide critical assistance to the proper incidents on a timely basis. 

From recent comments received on this topic, we believe that there is both a strong reason to re-read this past article and a consensus of opinion that our teams should always work on those things that are of a critical nature first, and not on those things people want done right away. 

If you agree, then we believe that you will want to read this article  by Hank Marquis. 

As always, welcome your thought and additional comments on this important issue.

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