The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and all if offers in services to U.S. entities, should be an important resource tool and included in all business continuity plans.  And, if an organization is considered as part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, then the DHS should in fact play a crucial role in the business continuity planning process and become a critical component of each business continuity plan.

Our staff recently came across an article relevant to the importance of the inter-relationship roles between DHS and business continuity and disaster recovery planning.  That article is written by Sara Peters and is entitled, “Should Homeland Security Matter for Your Business Continuity Plan?”

Some examples stated in the article showing the need to recognize the impact that the DHS can have on BC/DR plans, involve instances where:

  1. In the event of a disaster, government and military agencies may take over,   ordering emergency evacuations with little or no warnings,
  2. There is the possibility that one of your employees could be implicated in a treasonous or terrorist act.  If government agencies demand to investigate this employee, some critical IT assets of your organization may be seized and impair the normal operations of your organization, or
  3. If your business experiences a serious disaster or cyber-attack, your organization may be required to report that incident and all related activities to government authorities in a relatively short time period – again to the point of possibly affecting normal operations of the organization.

Bottom line is that these potential threats cannot be ignored and must be appropriately addressed and evaluated in your company’s business impact analysis process and then accordingly implemented as mitigated risks into your business continuity solution.

Certainly if your organization is a private sector entity, then, this information should be passed to your PS-Prep strategy planning team members.

Click here  to read the full article.

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