As if the recent earthquakes were not enough of a challenge to the people and organizations in Christchurch, New Zealand, a recent posting by Nick Krause on the website, discusses a rather unique challenge to the business continuity and disaster recovery process capabilities of the Lion Nathan brewery located in Christchurch.  

As New Zealand’s only supply of the famous stout, and now having its brewery inside the Christchurch no-go zone as a result of the recent earthquakes in their area, the Lion Nathan’s brewery is certainly in a rather unusual disaster recovery mode —and trying to be able to provide that famous stout to its customers who are waiting to celebrate Paddy’s Day on March 17th.

”One of the business continuity concerns that we had was the Guinness,” said Lion corporate affairs director Neil Hinton, ”It is produced only in Christchurch. Basically, it’s the supply for New Zealand for St Patrick’s Day.”

Click here  to see the resolution to this unusual business continuity recovery event.

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