The staff of writers of the CIO website has organized — from past postings — a significant compilation of information resources about business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

This great repository of BC/DR topics covers a wide range of related stories and FAQ’s covering definitions, objectives, system applications and process solutions to assist any business continuity, PS-Prep, disaster recovery or risk management planning team(s).

A listing of just some of the questions asked and answered in these articles is referenced below:

  1. What is the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity planning?
  2. What are some of the top mistakes that companies make in disaster recovery?
  3. How do I get started?
  4. How can I see this business continuity planning to top management?
  5. How do I make sure that the plans aren’t an overkill for my company?

Click here to view the entire collection of BC/DR related postings from the CIO website team of writers.

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