The subject of business continuity has been the object of much debate among many organizations and we would hope remains at least a tentative line item on the agenda for most Board of Director meetings.

Fortunately, according to a recent study by AT&T, and for the period including the past five years, businesses across the U.S. are responding more to the need for business continuity planning.  That is encouraging news for so many of our readers who are also members of business continuitymanagement teams in their organizations. 

The AT&T Business Continuity Study was reported to have found at least the following:

●          83% of respondents stated that they have a BC plan in place (up 14% in the past five years)

●          Six out of ten (63%) include wireless network capabilities as part of their plan

●          77% indicate that employee use of mobile devices plays a major/minor role in the BC plan

●          50% have virtualized their computing infrastructure, with 38% having implemented a BC plan for the virtualized infrastructure

●          40% require suppliers and other vendors to have a business continuity plan in place in order to do business with the company

●          Three out of four executives surveyed are very/somewhat concerned about the increased use of social networking capabilities (77%) and mobile networks/devices (76%). 

How do some of the findings listed above, compare with your own organization?

These findings are part of AT&T’s annual study on business continuity and disaster recovery preparedness for U.S. businesses in the private sector, now in its ninth consecutive year, and was reported upon in a recent PR Newswire website posting. 

We recommend passing this information along to the business continuity and risk management team members in your organization.

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