As the year 2010 winds down, Lisa DuBrock, one of this web site’s contributing editors, points our direction to a recent article written by Owen Edwards, published by the Smithsonian magazine  and titled, “In Case of Emergency, Pack Snowshoes”.  

This article talks about Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s travels in 1933 over the Artic to scout possible commercial air routes for Pan Am, but, more importantly, it is also a reminder that we often need to be aware of  the “calculated, acceptable levels of risk” in what we do — even if not at a level of intensity as presented by Charles Lindbergh in this article.   As Ms. DuBrock states, “…I always knew Charles Lindbergh was an explorer and on the forefront of aviation, however I never knew that he was arguably an accomplished Continuity Planner and Risk Manager.” 

As we quickly now pass into the New Year, we remind our readers to think about Charles Lindbergh’s seeming obsession with taking calculated risk and planning for the unexpected and try to apply some of that same obsession to our business continuity planning and risk management proactive policies and procedures for increasing our personal preparedness levels where we live and for the organizational readiness and resiliency levels of where we work.  

To read this interesting article in its entirety  — CLICK HERE

And of course, if you find this material applicable, please pass it along to those disaster preparedness and disaster recovery team members in your organization.

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