Comments and questions regarding measurement of progress made in the business continuity planning process still come to the attention of our staff, and, a recent article written by Lee Glendon, CBCI may offer at least a positive step forward in trying to achieve that measurement process.

We believe the point made by Glendon is that while many aspects of dealing with the human side of major disruption are already covered in an organization through health and safety and crisis management (BCMS) procedures —however, the link between successfully dealing with these issues and still achieving business continuity management system objectives are often less clear.

To that point, Glendon has organized an interesting set of questions to answer along with a scoring method that then determines a ranking which shows if “more thinking needs to be done”, “you are in a good position to push towards excellence”, or in fact you have an “Excellent coverage of the issues”.

Of course, every individual and organization may attempt to answer these questions in their own way given the uniqueness of the markets and environments surrounding each of those organizations.  And, organizational culture, methodology and critical size will matter as well in this situation.

If you think your organization would benefit from this information, please pass it along to your HR manager, and/or your risk and business continuity planning team members.  If your company is part of the private sector, then pass this along to those PS-Prep strategy planning members in that organization.

Click here to read the full article and take the full test to see how you score…..

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