If your company has an existing Business Continuity Plan, then auditing it, on a regular scheduled basis, will provide an effective evaluation of how your business processes are being managed.  And since management regards auditing as an additional tool to help identify areas of the company that need to be improved, then, an article recently written by Paul Kirvan, entitled “Business Continuity Plan Auditing Best Practices” will be good information to pass along to your internal Business Continuity Planning Teams. 

If your company is still developing its Business Continuity Plan, then this information will serve as a great benchmark objective for their final plan.

Mr. Kirvan’s article provides an auditing framework based on the British Standards Institution’s BS 25999, Part 2, plus relevant supporting activities to make the audit a success. 

You can read this article posted on the DisasterRecovery.com website, if you CLICK HERE.

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