Jan Husdal  is an often referenced writer on the topic of supply chain risk management — and, our staff values his comments and ideas on this critical component of global business continuity.

In addition, our staff receives many queries on the topic of supply chain management, and, several have requested a recommendation of a good book to address this topic.

With those two thoughts in mind, our staff would like to quote a recent statement by Husdal regarding a book he had just reviewed on the topic — Husdal states “…as far as I can see, this is the first book that explains in detail why and how business continuity thinking should be part of supply chain management. It successfully marries Business Continuity Management with Supply Chain Management, thus creating Supply Chain Continuity Management.

The book referenced above is titled “A Supply Chain Management Guide to Business Continuity” by Betty A. Kildow, and in that book, Kildow illustrates how a well-functioning supply chain is the key to a well-functioning business.

We welcome our reader’s suggestions for other supply chain management related book titles that they have read and would like to pass on to others….

If applicable, please pass this information along to those risk management, disaster preparedness and supply chain continuity management team members in your organization.

Click here  to read Husdal’s full review of this book.

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