Many of our readers may have seen or even followed a recent debate stemming from discussions and comments exchanged in a Continuity Central webinar held earlier this year.

Continuity Central is an often cited resource our staff follows and recommends to our readers.  The debate referenced above involves a prediction that business continuity management will, over time, decline as a separate discipline and will become increasingly seen as an aspect of GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance).  And, if this assumption becomes reality over time, what consequences would occur?

The early results of this debate have been organized by the staff of Continuity Central and are offered in this posting to encourage even further reactions and involvement by our business continuity professional readership.

A quick summary of the results of responses so far, are :

Is GRC business continuity’s future?
Yes : 54%
No : 16%
Maybe : 30%

If BCM becomes an aspect of GRC would that be:
Positive : 66%
Negative : 17%
Unsure : 17%

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If applicable, please pass this information along to those business continuity and risk management planning teams in your organization.

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