Our writers and staff agree that Keith Sherringham, a contributing writer for the continuity central website, offers a great summary, viewpoint on the issues and a presentation of business continuity lessons and insights to be learned from the recent volcanic ash cloud incident.

Some of the insights stated by Mr. Sherringham, and offered to business continuity managers in general include at least the following:

* Business redundancy – businesses that have a natural redundancy and resilience capability built in as part of everyday operations were well placed before, during and after these events.

* Crises are part of the business landscape – crises are a routine part of business of as usual and not a special event.

* Supply chain logistics – the incident highlighted the criticality of managing supply chain logistics and the need for sustainable contingencies

* Building a better business – priority on building a better business using business continuity and disaster recovery as ways to driver out issues and in the process, build natural redundancy and resilience and have the appropriate crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities as a bonus from these activities.

The article also does a fine job in listing some complementary reading on the topic of business resiliency and business in tough times, and should be recommend reading for your organization’s business continuity and risk management teams.

Click here to read Keith Sherringham’s full article.

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