In almost every organization, the most critical factor that can make or break the success of a business continuity or disaster recovery program is executive commitment.  While it may be too easy to overlook this fact, unfortunately we all too often receive many comments and questions about; (a)  BC planning teams receiving insufficient budgets to support their efforts, (b) incomplete or non-existent education to train members of the organization, (c) very little end-user buy-in to the recommendations of the BC or DR team, and (d) a meaningful testing of a BC or DR plan is near to impossible to achieve.

If your BC or DR team is having some of the same issues as stated above, then, we would like to bring your attention to  a  recent article written by Edward (Ted) Brown III, and posted on the Disaster Recovery Journal website.

With a common sense approach, Mr. Brown suggests ways to communicate, educate and get an approval and buy-in from management that can easily be applied to each of your own organizations.

Whether your problem is: (1) getting money to pay for penetration testing , (2) hiring people to support sample compliance levels to your existing compliance policies, (3) bringing on a new information security specialist, (4) funding the capital requirements to meet a new technical compliance level for your company, (5) petitioning resources needed for an upcoming information security audit deadline, or (6) simply trying to organize the internal resources needed to complete an information security report in a compliance ppt presentation — you can learn practical solutions and answers to these everyday challenges we all face in organizations if you spend some time and read this article.

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