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Business continuity planning teams must always be ready to offer upper management a list of the benefits to the company gained from by having a current, tested and continually improving business continuity/disaster recovery plan.  As a result, our staff receives inquiries for assistance in organizing a list of benefits received from having a BC plan, and expressed in language meaningful to upper management.

To fulfill that request our staff offers the results of a recent survey conducted by Continuity Central in the U.K. and recommends that this summary report of findings be added to the resource list of all active BC/DR team members whether or not your company resides in the U.K.

A quick summary of some of that report’s highlighted benefits coming from business continuity planning:

  1. Business continuity plans can significantly reduce the cost of disruptions for your organization.
  2. BC plans can make the difference between having to close your business or be able to be open for business.
  3. Companies with BC plans very often can benefit from insurance premium discounts while it can preserve brand value and company reputation levels.
  4. Customer confidence in doing business with your company can be higher when your customers perceive your efforts to be more resilient.
  5. Business continuity can provide competitive advantage and regulatory or compliance driven benefits to the company.

Click here to read more about and view some of the survey respondent’s input(s) to this timely and relevant topic as related to ongoing risk mitigation and risk management activities performed by so many more companies today.

Continuity Central is an often referenced website  by our staff, and, one that most business continuity planning teams should add to reading resource bookmark list.

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