Hopefully, many of our readers were able to take advantage of the valuable free informational offerings provided during  Business Continuity Awareness week which was held 22-26 March 2010.  As a reminder, most of the webinars and general information presentations which were recorded during last week, are now available to be viewed again or heard for the first time — we urge you to pass this reminder along to your business continuity and risk management team members. 

Because of so much recent interest shown by our readers to learn more about Private Sector Preparedness or PS-Prep, we would like to focus your attention particularly on the PS-Prep presentation given by Robert Whitcher, Product Manager for the British Standards Institute (BSI) and which was entitled “PS-Prep Overview: What Is It and Why Is It So Important?” 

We believe that Robert Whitcher’s presentation and subject matter content is a great addition to our website’s PS-Prep content offering to its readership.

This presentation as well as all the other presentations given through the http://www.businesscontinuityawarenessweek.org/ website are now available as recorded sessions accessible via the  http://www.brighttalk.com/ website.  In order to see and hear Mr. Whitcher’s PS-Prep presentation (or any of the others), a short free  registration process is required. 

Once you complete the short registration process, you will also be able to then access and view all the many other recorded sessions that took place during last week’s Business Continuity Awareness Week period– in other words, you will have a mini-library of business continuity, security and risk management related resources that will be a significant addition to even the best of resource libraries on these important organizational related topics.

Click here to see and listen to Robert Whitcher’s full presentation.

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