by; Lisa DuBrock, Contributing Writer and Editor

The last time I did a BIA and risk assessment, I don’t remember considering the effects of solar flares in my analysis.  But apparently the sun has just recently had its largest eruption of solar flare activity in about 4 years.  In fact that solar storm occurred on February 14, 2011. 

According to what I’ve been reading in both the Huffington Post  and ABC News accounts, the sun moves through cycles, where over time, there may be more or less solar flare activity levels occurring that would affect our planet earth.  The next peak of potential threat activity is predicted to occur around 2013.  Why do we care?  Well, solar flares send electromagnetic bursts or energy and radiation hurling toward the earth.  Should these solar radiated storms be powerful enough, they may cause communication and power type outages.  Today, China was reporting short wave outages in the Southern part of the country.  In the past, a solar flare caused a power outage in Montreal, Canada. 

Do I really have to worry about solar flares, probably not, but we do routinely identify threats such as electrical power outages and communication outages.    Airlines tend to fly more southerly routes during high levels of solar activities and if you rely on satellite technology at all, the solar storm may also affect you or your business’ global related activities. 

Just another thing to think about and be aware of…but not to panic over.  

Solar flares who’d of thought……

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