We always find it interesting and even fun when business continuity intersects the world of TV and movies.  Let’s face it, business continuity doesn’t typically lend itself to fun.  But a recent episode of NCIS on CBS did just that.

On the episode, the DC area was hit by a cascade type power failure.  (Think about the cascade failure that effected New York and much of the Northeast in 2003)  The cast of NCIS then proceeds to solve their latest murder investigation using old fashioned methods.  Elements of response and recovery were sprinkled through out the episode.  From getting cast members out of a stuck elevator, to using a Polaroid camera to take pictures of the crime scene, the cast members had to get by without their computers, digital cameras, and copy machines.

On a more serious note, we believe that the situation represented is closer to reality than most of us want to admit.  And with that thought in mind, it might even be a good idea to have your organization’s business continuity and disaster recovery planning teams view this video clip in preparation for their own crisis management in house testing programs.  Hopefully, this will help prepare your teams to be ready whenever the next information security incident or security risk management occurs.


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