Business continuity, PS-Prep and organizational resiliency are some of the most viewed topics posted on this website.

To continue our support of this readership interest, our staff would like to revisit the DRI Institute website and utilize one of its postings in a benchmarking exercise that we would hope will help many of our readers and their organizations as they pursue the implementation of either a business continuity planning or private sector preparedness strategy.

The particular posting that is of interest for this exercise addresses the topic of professional practices by business continuity professionals and the free online document that the DRI website  makes available to business continuity planners.

Our staff believes that thisProfessional Practices for Business Continuity Planners document is a valuable reference document to be added to the libraries of your organization’s business continuity, risk management and disaster recovery teams.

Click here to view this document which includes at least the following subjects:  Risk Evaluation and Control, Business Impact Analysis, Emergency Response and Operations, Awareness and Training Programs, Public Relations and Crisis Communication, Business Continuity Plan/Exercise/Audit /Maintenance, and, other Sources and References related to business continuity and disaster recovery.

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