In a recent posting on the website, we offer our readers the ability to take advantage of some great research and practical offerings regarding business continuity planning.

 Even though in recent studies, it has been shown that most organizations are working harder on business continuity planning, we still reminded that many gaps still exist in this critical planning process.  According to a recent survey entitled, “2010 Disaster Recovery Survey,” funded and presented by the Symantec group, 72% of organizations experience downtime due to system upgrades; and 64% of organizations experience downtime due to configuration change management issues. 

What does this mean to the business continuity planners in your organization?  Certainly, most of us are aware of the fact that increasingly complex IT environments are making the process of both IT and organizational business continuity planning more difficult.

To help our readers formulate the best business continuity planning strategy for their own organization, we suggest you read this article, where you can read about the suggested top five business continuity strategies, and download an offering of their best business continuity planning templates

A summary of the top five selected BC strategies are focused on the following areas:

  1. Emergency Communications Planning
  2. Emergency Evacuation Plans and BC
  3. Business Impact Analysis Planning
  4. Business Continuity Templates for SMB’s
  5. Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPOD) in Business Continuity Planning

Click here, to read the full article and get some valuable template downloads from the SearchDisasterRecovery website.

If you found this information valuable and applicable, please pass it on to those business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency responders, or crisis management team members in your organization.

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