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Certainly not new news, but, the fact that Blackberry smartphone users globally were left unable to access e-mails, browse or use its instant messaging platform, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) created more than just concern over another outage event.

This event was yet another serious test of many company’s business continuity plans and their capability to respond, mitigate and recover from this mobile services failure – in fact, it appears that few Blackberry users even had contingency plans in place let alone activated — which forced many to simply use desktop PCs as a replacement.

To assist our readership in following this event and providing relevant information to their own contingency planning teams, a short list of links to relevant articles and content follows:

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Certainly, it appears that this most recent services outage will no doubt have a longer-term impact on the Research in Motion (RIM) Company, as well as, present a challenge to every business to show how they are building resilience against a single point of failure when a supplier’s service goes down.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those business continuity, risk management and PS-Prep strategy planning team members in your organization.

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