In a recent article written by Features Writer Laura Smith, and posted on the SearchCIO website, some developing best practices for the utilization of private cloud computing are presented and offered to our readers. 

That list of best practices starts with three actions – (1) assess, (2) deploy and (3) analyze —  and ends with the following two recommendations —  (4) creating reusable code and (5) stressing  not to forget to charge back those reported metered services provided by private cloud computing providers.

Click here to read Laura Smith’s entire article.

Many of our past postings on this website have focused on the cloud and cybersecurity issues, and, as a result, have initiated readers inputs regarding ongoing concerns about information security and privacy.  Our staff  hopes that the information provided by Laura Smith’s article will offer more perspective 0f and input to the decision making process regarding this current and controversial topic. 

If applicable, please pass this information along to those business continuity and risk managers and management team members in your organization.

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