Benchmarking is an often overlooked resource activity, and, certainly a topic about which we receive email requests from our readership. 

In particular, we recommend that a benchmarking methodology be used by your internal business continuity planning teams as they prepare their organization’s BC/DR plans to achieve a state of readiness and preparedness in your organization to not only survive a disruptive incident but also to survive any anticipated potential business interruption(s). 

Even if your risk management teams have a policy or guideline document in place to address these issues, we recommend that it is still a good practice to compare your current  BC/DR plans or guidelines to those business continuity or disaster recovery plans of other companies. 

With that intent in mind, we like to bring your attention to a “Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning Guide” recently published by Business Link

We believe that this guide can not only assist your own BC/DR Planning teams to identify potential risks, make preparations for emergencies and test how your own business is likely to cope in a disaster, but, it can also be used as a benchmark against which you can compare your own company’s existing BC/DR Planning Guide. 

Hopefully, this information and this exercise will be more than just using a provided business continuity template guide to your teams … so we ask that you don’t simply view and print out copies of this guide to put in your file cabinets.  

Our real intention is to have this kind of information motivate and encourage a continuous improvement approach to your BC/DR planning teams and have those teams deliver the best levels of preparedness and readiness capabilities to your organization. 

As always, we encourage and welcome our readers to share their own experiences, inputs and reactions to the advice we attempt to pass along in this website. 

Click here to read this guide.

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