April 20, 2014

Free Webinars Offered by DRJ for National Preparedness Month 2013

As part of the National Preparedness Month 2013 the Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) group is offering some free webinars offering a great resource of information regarding the timely disaster preparedness topics of writing and testing your organization's disaster. The first webinar is entitled “How to Conduct Powerful Exercises Every Time” and addresses those crisis situations that require quick reaction and on-the-spot decision making ---and --- are often unexpected and unavoidable.  The degree of any organization’s success in responding, controlling and managing such a crisis is directly … [Read more...]

Preparedness Tips for the Family

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Preparedness is a journey, and we get there one step at a time --- Plan, Prepare, Prevail.  And, families are no exception to the need to be prepared for surviving a disruptive event or disaster. Make sure that you and your family have the latest information on preparedness … check out the updated KIDS sections of ready.gov ….CLICK HERE. Here are some other links to add to your family’s reading resource file on disaster preparedness and readiness library….. KIDS …. Play games and test your knowledge and readiness levels. PARENTS … Get the whole family involved in … [Read more...]

National Preparedness Month — September 2013

Emergency preparedness Sept 2013 mdc edu

Just a quick reminder --- September 2013 is National Preparedness month throughout the U.S. And, given the fact that each year many small businesses nationwide are forced to close their doors in the aftermath of severe storms, flooding, tornadoes, wildfires and hurricanes, it is a good time to remind all businesses that help with your own business preparedness planning is available in this National Preparedness Month period through a series of free webinars in September hosted by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in collaboration with FEMA's Ready Campaign and the Agility … [Read more...]

Wireless Network Security Tested in a Unique Way

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Wireless network security levels were tested recently in Edinburgh Scotland by a cyclist who “war-biked” around the capital trying to find unsecured wireless networks which could be exploited by hackers. Security expert James Lyne utilized a bike equipped with dynamos and solar panels to power a computer which scans for wireless networks which have no or poor security. As our readers well know, hackers can join wireless networks and then become totally capable of directly attacking those computers and other devices to steal money or information. They can also track which websites you … [Read more...]

Emergency Preparedness and Native American Indians

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Native American Indians are just as susceptible as any other Americans to disasters and emergencies ---and given many of the recent comments coming from our readers --- there is a strong indication that our staff needs to be more responsive to the needs of our Native American Indians --- especially when it comes to preparing for, surviving and recovering from a disaster or emergency situation or related incident. In fact, as the large majority of American Indians live on tribal lands located very often far away from urban centers there can be a strong potential for these communities to be … [Read more...]

Reputational Risk Remains Top Board Concern


Amy Hutchens, general counsel and vice president of compliance and ethics services at Watermark Risk Management International is a contributing writer for this website bringing our reader’s attention to the importance of building strong relationships between organizational ethics and compliance objectives as related to Board Room driven discussions, decisions, policies and strategies. Amy often points out relevant and recent developing stories, articles or reports related to the building of that relationship --- Check out "Compliance Chiefs and Boards: Keys to Building Effective … [Read more...]

E-Discovery Newsletter of Notable Cases and Events

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In its ongoing effort to provide current and relevant updates regarding developments in the field of e-discovery, our staff would like to recommend a reading of the Sidley Austin LLP firm's current newsletter written by its in-house “E-Discovery Task Force” group. This group from Sidley Austin LLP works to stay abreast of the shifting legal landscape surrounding e-discovery. The most current update addresses the following recent developments and court decisions involving e-discovery issues: 1. A Northern District of Illinois ruling sanctioning a defendant company for failing to … [Read more...]

Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada

Is Your Family Prepared

Emergency Preparedness Week - CANADA – e.g. an opportunity to take an active role in your community and support a culture of disaster preparedness in Canada -- is May 5-11, 2013.   More people working together can better communicate the importance of emergency preparedness to all Canadians. Emergency Preparedness Week Emergency Preparedness Week is a national awareness initiative that has taken place annually since 1996, and, is also a collaborative event undertaken by provincial and territorial emergency management organizations supporting activities at the local level, in concert with … [Read more...]

National Hurricane Preparedness Week 2013 and Disaster Preparedness

National Hurricane Week

Disaster preparedness Getting the importance of disaster preparedness out to members of your family, members of your community and to your fellow workers remains one of the core missions of this website. With this week recognized as “National Hurricane Preparedness Week 2013”, it is important to remind everyone again to take advantage of all the comprehensive information available and to pass that information along to others in order for them to be better prepared in the event that any hurricane related events come their way. Click here to view a checklist provided on the Ready.gov … [Read more...]

ASQ Northern Virginia Section 0511 Meeting Announcement

Photo courtesy of ASQ Northern VA Section 0511

The larger the organization the more likely it is that there are written instructions about how things are done within that organization. This makes sure that nothing is left out and that everyone is clear about who needs to do what, when and how. When an organization systematizes how it does things, this is often known as a management system. With that thought in mind, it is not surprising to notice that ISO Management Systems are becoming increasingly popular with risk based standards for Information Security, Service Management and Business Continuity. How do these standards (along … [Read more...]