The topic of e-Discovery has been a growing area of inquiry coming from readers of this website for some time now, and with so many social networking technologies now being integrated into so many of our private and public life activities,  we would like to point your attention to an interesting article written by Clifford F.  Shnier, and published in a recent edition of InsideCounselThe title of this article is “Friend or Foe?  Social Networking and E-Discovery

In this article, Cliff Shnier, who is an attorney and an electronic discovery consultant, discusses just a few of the concerns that social networking presents to the electronic discovery process.

With the growing number of e-discovery requests now being part of the litigation process facing organizations, and given predictions that it won’t be too long before litigation hold notices will include social networking pages, it may be time for your organization’s risk management and information security teams to pay more attention to the information presented by Mr. Schnier … you can read his full article here.

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