ANAB’s “Heads Up 196 Memo re: PS-Prep Lead Auditory Information” released Feb 7, 2011 has released a follow-up caveat memo  —  Click here to view the latest ANAB memo 198 officially titled ‘Update to Heads Up 196 on Ps-Prep Training.

In summary, it appears that ANAB is saying “… that as long as a training organization does not have major changes to the training class and exam, certificates issued prior to approval into the PS Prep program can be accepted by a certifying body (“CB”).  If changes occur with the training and/or exam, the person receiving the certificate may need to take those now changed parts of the course exam in order to be considered certified”.

Nonetheless,  keeping those referenced time frames straight might become difficult and confusing for a CB to monitor.

Where does our readership stand on this controversial topic?

If applicable, would you wait until full ANAB certification is granted to such a lead auditor class before taking or attending that class?  Please share your thoughts and comments….  

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