A consistent topic being discussed among business continuity strategy and planning groups is the growing risk management requirements and potential economic impact(s) that may occur from a negative cybersecurity event.  That event could be effecting just their organization or it could be effecting the larger environment in which their organization exists.

Relative to these issues, and perhaps being shared as a risk management topic by our government, we are beginning to hear more about actions being taken at the Department of Justice regarding this No. 1 cybersecurity challenge.

In a recent video, Justice Chief Information Officer, Vance Hitch, addresses why being proactive to cybersecurity threats is so important, and what the Justice Department is doing to become more proactive.  Mr. Hitch co-chairs the Federal CIO Council’s Information Security and Identity Management Committee with Navy CIO Rob Carey.

We believe that this presentation, which took place at a council cybersecurity conference held recently in Arlington, VA, is a valuable resource of information, strategy and implementation advice not just for our government and its people, but also for individual companies to understand and potentially consider for incorporating similar actions within their organizations.

To learn more about this information, and to view this video…. CLICK HERE

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