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Cyber Insurance, Data Privacy and Information Security 2013 Trends Report

An exclusive 2013 report funded and released by the Cyber Data Risk Managers group offers the opinions of top industry regarding experts on what they think, feel and should happen in 2013 as it pertains to Data Privacy, Information Security and Cyber Insurance, as well as, what steps can be taken to mitigate risk(s) surrounding these cyber security related potential threats. A short summary of some of those observations and trends reported are: Inadequate security measures on government and private sector networks, critical infrastructure and telecommunications represent perhaps the … [Read more...]

Cyber Security Risk: Can Cyber Insurance Cover Your Bets?

By: Ben J. Carnevale, Editor One of the more common areas of interest suggested by many of the readers of this website involves the concern of cyber security related risks and the availability (or lack thereof) of cyber insurance options to address this rising risk mitigation topic. Without thinking too long about this major risk management topic, it can certainly be said that data breaches have increased dramatically within the past few years, giving way to new trends within almost every industry sector of business in the U.S. In addition -- and along with their unpredictable nature … [Read more...]

Business Continuity and the Cyber-Insurance Market

In a prior posting on this website entitled, “Business Continuity and the Importance of Insurance”, some of the roles that insurance can play in risk management were presented and discussed.  Today, given the high priority to risks and threats stemming from cybersecurity related events, it may important to note that insurance can be an important tool to evaluate and assist in mitigating such risks.  In fact, according to James Whetstone, a senior V.P. and U.S. technology and privacy manager for insurer Hiscox Speciality, “…there are almost 30 carriers now offering cyber liability coverage … [Read more...]

Business Continuity and the Importance of Insurance

An insurance policy is a legal contract of indemnity that transfers risk.   And to that point, insurance has long been regarded and continues to be a component player in the business continuity planning process for many if not all organization of every size. In a recent article written by Gary Hahn and posted on the website, a summary of the some roles that insurance does and does not play in risk management methodologies is presented and can be helpful input to the business continuity planning process. However, even in the best written and communicated business … [Read more...]

Business Continuity Planners Offered New Risk Insurance Option

Lockton, the world's largest privately held insurance broker, recently announced that it is launching a package of risk management solutions called Enterprise Disruption Contingency Insurance  designed to help companies cope with previously "uninsurable" risks. Lockton's Enterprise Disruption Contingency Insurance offers an innovative "umbrella solution" for such grey area risks as loss of intellectual property rights, inability to manufacture or distribute a product because of another organization's product recall, regulatory risks, and information technology network disruptions or … [Read more...]

Business Continuity and Insurance Options for Nuclear Reactor Accidents in the U.S.

Given the recent nuclear disaster in Japan, along with the risk assessment and business impact analysis reports addressing organizations in the United States who have to fact unique risks from potential nuclear reactor accidents in the U.S., one of our readers asked if we could comment upon the question of insurance plans to cover nuclear reactor accidents and disasters. In response to that request, we point our reader’s attention to a recent posting published 30 March 2011 on the Homeland Security Newswire website. As you will read in the article, a little-known insurance pool in the U.S. … [Read more...]

PS-Prep, the Insurance Industry, and Private Sector Preparedness

Donald Byrne, who has contributed several of his articles to this website in the past, recently posted an article entitled, “The Insurance Industry’s Role in PS-Prep” on the website. Our staff recommends this article to be added to the PS-Prep, business continuity, or risk management library of resources in your organization. Click here to read the full article. … [Read more...]

H1N1 Influenza and Your Insurance Coverage

An important element of an organization’s ability to keep its doors “open for business” is to be on constant lookout for those internal and external risks that might disrupt its daily "business-as-usual" capabilities.  And, while much has been written concerning the impact that the Pandemic H1N1 Influenza might have on an organization’s workforce, we would like to point our readers to an area that we believe may often be overlooked.  That area involves knowing the level of insurance coverage your organization has in place to offset the potential economic loss an organization may incur because … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Disruption Report Just Released

For many of our readers and the organizations where they work, any kind of supply chain disruption could easily qualify as a serious incident and one that would easily have been discussed and included in their disaster preparedness planning process. With that thought in mind, our staff recommends reading and potentially adding a recent EventWatch™ 2014 Supply Chain Disruption report to your organization’s business continuity and disaster preparedness team’s reading resource library. This report  This report was funded and supported by Resilinc’s database of over 40,000 suppliers and over … [Read more...]

Risk Frontier Survey 2013 — What Really Matters to Risk Management Professionals

Many of our readers should find the topics and outcomes of the 2013 Risk Frontier Survey interesting reading.  Although largely centering of matters of the European risk and insurance management community, this survey has valuable information that applies to all organizations in all parts of the world. New risks require new thinking – and, this is why “The Risk Frontiers Survey” is so worthwhile as it delivers an in-depth picture of the current state of the risk management profession, gleaned from its leading practitioners.  It also outlines the big risk issues and ideas on how risk … [Read more...]