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Sunday, September 11th 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C.  While this is not an anniversary to celebrate, it is one which every U.S. citizen will mark in their memory forever.

In an effort to address lessons learned from Sept. 11th and to better understand the changes now taken as we evaluate, prepare for and implement security readiness, risk management, business continuity and disaster preparedness strategies in our families, our communities and where we work , a series of links to related articles has been organized for our readership audience. 

The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 also sparked a new urgency to: (a) predict future threats to the United States, (b) develop strategic defenses against cyber terrorism, (c) focus more attention on business continuity, and (d) expand efforts to educate, train and implement more disaster preparedness skills for individuals, communities and organizations. 

Hopefully, by reading some of these articles, you will be more ready and able to answer such questions as:

  1. How much did we get right in the days after 9/11—especially about the real cyber-threats that we face today?
  2. How much did we get wrong and what did we miss entirely?
  3. And perhaps most importantly, how well have we prepared ourselves for current and future attacks in the decade since the attacks of Sept 11th? 

The list of related article links is:

“9/11 Remembered: What We’ve Learned”

“A Decade After 9/11, Business Continuity is Still a Work-in-Progress on Wall Street”

“How Cyber Security Has Changed Since 9/11”

“10 Years After 9/11: How Far Did $635 Billion Spent on Homeland Security Go?”

“9/11 Anniversary: What Our Emergency Response Systems Still Can’t Do”

“IBHS Calls for a Culture of Preparedness on Ten Year Anniversary of 9/11”

“9/11 Ten Years Later: Bioterrorism, Then vs. Now”

“9/11: Top Lessons Learned for Disaster Recovery”

“9/11 Mental Health: What We Now Know About Trauma”

“10 Years After 9/11, Do We Face a Serious Cyberterrorism Threat?”

“Science After 9/11: How Research Was Changed by the September 11 Terrorist Attacks”

“9/11: Ten Years Later”

“Drawing Lessons from 9/11: Ten Years Later”

“9/11 Ten Years later: Sharing Information Now Key to Security”

“The 9/11 Commission Recommendations — 10 Years Later” 

“10 Years Later — The Effect of 9/11 on Travel” (InfoGraphic)

“9/11 Ten Years Later – EuroNews”

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