Is the moon really the ultimate disaster recovery site?  What is the RTO for civilization, anyway?

If these questions seem strange to you —  then you probably have not seen the recent disaster movie “2012”.  Nor have you read a recent article written by Nathaniel Forbes, from the Forbes Calamity Prevention Pte, Ltd. in Singapore.

With all of the pressure on keeping the doors of your business open and finding ways to survive the next potential disaster, your business continuity and contingency planning members may need to take a break.   And, to do that, we suggest that they read this article by Mr. Forbes, and then maybe even take the time to see the recent disaster movie “2012”.

When is the last time you thought  of earth as “…one, tiny single-point-of-failure”?  And if it fails in any way, as far as we know, there aren’t any replacement parts of similar models like it anywhere.  However, in the event of a failure, would the moon be a good recovery site?  Or, perhaps the moon would be a great off-site storage site?

Once you get questions like this in your mind, and you start thinking like a contingency planner, then watching this movie might begin to take on the aspects of researching for and writing a business continuity or contingency plan.

In the end, however, we do sadly agree with Mr. Forbes’ conclusion that you won’t be able to write off the cost of your tickets to this movie as a professional BC or DR development expense.

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