DHS Announces Key Milestone in Efforts to Develop Robust Small Business Preparedness Plan

Today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano announced a key milestone in the Department’s efforts to develop a robust small business preparedness plan—e.g. soliciting public comment on a private sector readiness certification program specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses.  Secretary Napolitano said, “Ensuring that America’s small businesses have the critical information and training they need to better respond to disasters will strengthen the entire nation’s preparedness and resilience.”  Our staff agrees with this position and as also … [Read more...]

Cybersecurity Act of 2009: More Government Systems or Controls?

Recently our staff came across an article written by Kevin Beaver, entitled, “Why the Cybersecurity Act is better for Government than Business”, and, posted on the SearchComplianc.com website. Several comments received on this website indicate an interest from our readership to stay on top of this cyber security topic and we believe that Mr. Beaver’s article does just that.  One of the reasons stated for this article is that the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 is not getting the attention it deserves.  And, the assumption that Mr. Beaver bases his position upon is that many people in corporate … [Read more...]

PS-Prep Accreditation Guidance Issued by ANAB

As many of our readers already know, the Ps-Prep journey started way back in 2007 when then President Bush signed the Recommendations from the 9/11 Commission into law.  Since then there have been many steps and stops along the way and we are sure that a few more are most certainly left to come.   The standards have been selected, and ANAB has issued requirements and now invites certification bodies to submit applications for accreditation to become a Registrar for one or more of the selected standards announced  for the Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Certification (PS-Prep) … [Read more...]

PS-Prep Accreditation and Certification Update by Don Byrne

Recently, Donald Byrne, CBCP, CDCP, CBPRO-M, Lead Auditor and Adjunct Professor, Boston University, and frequent major contributing writer on this website, gave a presentation entitled, “Private Sector Preparedness (PS-Prep) Accreditation and Certification Program”.  The presentation was hosted on the EMForum.org website as part of its support for the National Preparedness Month and was moderated by Amy Sebring. As an intent to keep our readership current on the recent developments of the PS-Prep program, we believe this resource is a great addition to the library of the business continuity, … [Read more...]

Crossword Puzzle Will Test What You Really Know About ANSI

Many of our readers, who are following the PS-Prep program, are now becoming more and more familiar with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  However, while some of those readers already know a lot about ANSI, we believe that a large part of our readership may not be nearly as familiar with ANSI. To help everyone gain more knowledge about ANSI, we suggest viewing the recently released 2009-2010 ANSI Annual Report. And, since this year’s Annual Report features a puzzle and games theme, we would like to further enhance and perhaps test your knowledge about ANSI by having you … [Read more...]

Building Resilience vs. Risk Avoidance

Building Resilience vs. Risk Avoidance In a recent article written by Rita McGrath, and posted on the Harvard Business Review blog, we are focused on the thought that building resilience into an organization may serve the organization better than solely driving risk avoidance into the organization’s methodology. In her posting entitled, “The Benefits of Thinking the Unthinkable”, Ms. McGrath refers to results and studies conducted by both US-educated Fulbright scholar Zeeshan-ul-hassan Umani, and, Aaron Wildavsky, a well-known social scientist. Which approach does your organization take?  … [Read more...]

Cyber-Crime Study Confirms Potential Economic Costs Related to Cybersecurity Breach

Recently, one of our staff came across a posting on the ArcSight company website, entitled “First Annual Cost of Cyber Crime Study – Benchmark Study of U.S. Companies”.  This study commissioned by ArcSight was conducted by the Ponemon Institute and its findings were released in July 2010. The stated purpose of the study was “…to quantify the economic impact of a cyber-attack, and, to reach a a better understanding of the cost of cybercrime in order to better assist organizations in determining the appropriate amount of investment and resources needed to prevent or mitigate the devastating … [Read more...]

PS-Prep Survey is Relevant Reading

In a recent posting on the DomesticPreparedness.com website, Albert Romano, has written an excellent article to help our readership observe the ongoing survey results regarding the topic, “PS-Prep – Is It Relevant?”  In addition, as a visitor to the website, you can also participate in the survey so that your position on this important private sector preparedness can be added to the real time measurement results of the survey. Some of the early indications of the survey results show that most respondents are not as knowledgeable about the PS-Prep Program as they would like to be. Nonetheless, … [Read more...]

Business Continuity's Personal Side

While most of us recognize and in fact believe that a company's most precious assets are its employees, it is somewhat surprising to see in many postings on the Internet, that when a company is faced with an unexpected disruptive event, that company often is found to be unprepared for the resulting impact of that event on the workforce. That is one of the reasons that our website and the company Personal Recovery Concepts have recently struck a partnership with the sole purpose to bring our readership's attention to the strong linkage that exists between organizational readiness and personal … [Read more...]

"PS-Prep: The Definitive Upate" Recorded Webinar Posting Coming Soon

Shortly, this website will be posting a recorded session of the webinar held today entitled, "PS-Prep :  The Definitive Update!" Meanwhile, we would like to share the bio's of the participants in this webinar's presentation -- they are: Donald Byrne, CBCP, CDCP, CBRO-M, Lead Auditor, Adjunct Professor, Boston University   The former CEO of several companies, Don Byrne brings an executive perspective to resiliency planning.  Don's expertise includes all types of technology, dealing with operational challenges, and strategic planning.  He is on the Board of Directors of several companies and … [Read more...]