In past postings on this website, our readers found that several of the AT&T surveys about business continuity revealed information and comparative industry results which helped in the preparation of their organization’s BC/DR planning efforts.  Recently the results from an updated 2010 business continuity survey was released by AT&T, and our staff suggested passing these results along to our readership.

An important finding in the recently released 2010 Business Continuity Survey states that businesses across the U.S. are responding more to the need for business continuity planning.  In fact, the survey results claim that  83% of organizations have a business continuity plan in place, up 10% in the past five years.

Full details on the national study results can be found here. [PDF]

In addition, AT&T has provided year over year study results here [PowerPoint] 

Please pass this information along and suggest that these results be included in the reading reference libraries for those business continuity, compliance and risk management team members in your organization.

Click here to read the full media kit released by AT&T regarding this survey.

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