A great internal library resource report has been released by Cisco Systems, Inc..  All business continuity and risk management teams should include this report for their reading assignments in the coming year.

Cisco Security Intelligence Operations announces the Cisco 2009 Annual Security Report. The updated report includes information about 2009 global threats and trends, as well as security recommendations for 2010.

Report Highlights

  • Online criminals have taken advantage of the large social media following, exploiting users’ willingness to respond to messages that are supposedly from people they know and trust.
  • Politically-motivated threats are increasing, while governments are teaming up and promoting online security.
  • Up to 90 percent of spam is untargeted. That includes spam delivered by botnets that floods inboxes with messages from supposed banks, educational institutions, and service providers.
  • More than 80 percent of the web can be classified as “uncategorized” or “unknown”, making it challenging for traditional URL filtering technology. The new Cisco Cybercrime Return on Investment Matrix tracks the performance of the underground online criminal marketplace, helping organizations understand the latest targets.

CLICK HERE to read the entire report.

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