April 21, 2014

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Photo courtesy of World Economic Forum

Disaster Preparedness Teams Can Benefit from a Recent World Economic Forum 2014 Risks Report

In an earlier posting on this website, our staff published a story reviewing the consensus for listing the threats of 2013 which impacted many organizations.  In this posting, the point addressed is that very often risks of threats or incidents can … [Read More...]

Risk Frontier Survey 2013

Risk Frontier Survey 2013 — What Really Matters to Risk Management Professionals

Many of our readers should find the topics and outcomes of the 2013 Risk Frontier Survey interesting reading.  Although largely centering of matters of the European risk and insurance management community, this survey has valuable information that … [Read More...]

Photo courtesy of glenoakscanyon.org

Preparedness Party Offers Fun Approach to Address Serious Challenge

It is a sad fact, that getting people or organizations to discuss disaster preparedness topics is easier to do just after they have experienced a disaster.  Call it human nature, procrastination or avoidance --- but, this remains a constant challenge … [Read More...]

ASIS logo Official

ASIS International — Invitation to Attend World’s Most Influential Security Events

ASIS International has led the security industry by providing up-to-the-minute education and strategic solutions to professionals around the world.  Both physical and information security professionals have benefited from these offerings for nearly … [Read More...]

Photo Courtesy of ComputerWeekly.com

Context Aware Security: Is It Time for Your Organization to Implement this Approach in Protecting Its Assets?

Has your organization adopted a “context aware” IT security model?  Perhaps, it has adopted a single password model of IT security approach ---and, if it has done so, then as members of your organization’s information and network security team, it is … [Read More...]

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Today’s Crossword

General Business Continuity Standard Terms Puzzle

You are free to use this puzzle as a learning tool to help business continuity planners and PS-Prep compliance team members become more familiar with … [Read More...]

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